Dining out with children can be challenging enough for even the most patient parents, but when the child registers highly on the Autism Spectrum (ASD), those challenges can be even more tasking.

Many parents of children with Aspergers or other children on the spectrum choose not to entertain the thought of eating out. Their children may be disturbed by changes in their routine or perhaps they think the restaurant environment may not lend itself to a relaxing occasion, but don’t worry.We have 10 tips for you that have been designed to help make your family event just a little bit more enjoyable and infinitely more manageable.
  1. Practice makes perfect

Before heading out for your meal, why not try replicating the whole experience, or as much as feasibly possible, at home. Make it a fun experience for everyone by reviewing homemade menus, colouring pictures to replicate the typical restaurant give-aways or maybe even having a friend role-play as a waiter.As your child gets used to the formalities of a structured meal in a comfortable environment, it might make the experience more manageable when you do go out for real.
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