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January is the perfect time of the year for a reset and a refresh, so it’s no coincidence that it’s known as the national ‘Get Organised’ month. There really is no better way to start the New Year!

Having minimal to no processes within your home can cause you to feel frustrated and unprepared, and it has been proven that clutter and disorganisation can cause unnecessary stress and anxiety. Getting rid of excess clutter and organising your home will not only help clear your mind, but it will also set you up for a successful year ahead.

Virtual Assistants are experienced organisers and declutter-ers, so to help you get started, here are our top tips for how to get organised in January:

1. Goal Setting
As they say, failing to plan is planning to fail! Therefore, we would highly recommend that you start your organisation journey by creating a plan of what you want to achieve. Prioritise your goals into levels of importance and separate them into areas such as family, work, admin, health, etc. We all know that it is so easy to procrastinate, but goal setting helps to keep you focused and enables you to follow your achievements.

2. Schedule
Create a family schedule that covers activities, cleaning, and any special dates. This will help you and your family be more structured and prepared for each week. January is also a good time to schedule in family holiday time, which will make the booking process so much easier. Don’t forget to schedule in ‘organisation time’ – even if that is just one hour a day, it will make it easy to keep on top of your goals.

3. Getting Started
One of the best areas to start with is the Christmas admin. Begin your organisation by taking down and putting away Christmas decorations. Make sure you check these are still in a good condition, and get rid of anything that needs to go. Get your thank you cards/messages written and sent. Find homes for all of your Christmas gifts, and return any items that need to go back.

4. Paperwork
Sorting out paperwork can be so cathartic. We hold on to so many documents and pieces of paper throughout the year, that our homes are bursting with it all. Gather all the paperwork together, place it in a pile and sort into sections such as ‘respond to’, ‘file’, ‘scan’, and of course ‘shred/recycle’. For those paper receipts that you need to hold on to, consider buying a 12-section
expanding file to store them in monthly order – this is a really useful process and will make it easy to find important invoices and spends when it comes to your accounts. It could even be the time for you to consider going paperless. Why not move all your bills and bank statements online?

5. Decluttering
Clutter doesn’t mount up in a day so be patient when trying to remove it. The main aim of decluttering is to get rid of unwanted and unused items from your home. Give yourself time, and work through each room before moving on to the next. Make sure you go through every cupboard and surface, separating these into piles you would like to keep, sell, or recycle. Use creative ways to store the items you would like to keep, or that you use often so that these are easy to find and access – this can give you a lot more space and make you feel more organised. Make sure you place items where there is a good flow, for example having tea and coffee stored near the kettle and cups. Don’t forget to check expiry dates on cans and cosmetics and get rid of anything out of date.

6. Wardrobe Space
We hold on to so many clothes that we don’t need. Sorting out your wardrobe will make it much easier to get ready every day without the clutter. Start by taking all your clothes and placing these into sections for tops, trousers, jerseys, dresses, etc. Try every pile of clothes on and separate those you would like to keep from the items that no longer fit, or that you don’t enjoy wearing. Make sure that for every item you would like to keep, you ask yourself if you love it? Does it make you happy?
Is it useful? If it doesn’t, then that piece needs to go. Imagine when you open your newly sorted wardrobe, it will only be full of things that make you smile. If you have the space, separate your winter and summer wardrobes. Keep one stored and alternate as and when the weather changes.

7. Label It
By ensuring everything has a home, it’ll be easy throughout the year to maintain your space – and what better way to define somethings home than by labelling it. There is no end to what you can label; shelves, storage containers, drawers, files, electrical cables, etc. This will save you so much time when looking for a particular item, or when putting things away.

8. Travel Spares
If you travel a lot for work, why not have a spare full set of the things you use often, and keep these in your bag for upcoming trips – this will save you so much time over the year as you won’t need to pack and unpack these things. Having a second hairbrush, toothbrush, chargers and a cosmetic bag with travel sized creams, and all of your favourite make up and brushes means packing will be easy. Make sure to check and replenish your travel sized items after each trip.

9. Appointments
January is a really good time to schedule the families’ appointments for the year, such as the dentist, doctors, hair salon, specialist, check-ups, etc. Booking in advance allows you to plan and prepare for these. If you are not able to book that far ahead, then make sure that before leaving the premises of an appointment, that you schedule your next, so you always know when this is due.

10. Repairs
As with any busy household, it is normal to have a repairs pile. If you are not able to mend an item yourself, then now is the time to find an expert to help. Drop the bits that need a seamstress or cobbler off, arrange for a handyman to come out and get through your tasks, or book a technician for special items. We understand that organisation can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. By having processes that are easy for the whole family to follow, not only will your home be organised, but you will create a more harmonious, and productive household. We hope these tips help you to achieve that!

As Virtual Assistants, we love to take on the tasks that you dislike or don’t have the time to do, so if you are really struggling why not bring in some adhoc support to help you create a structure, and get your home ready for the year ahead. We’re offering special reset and refresh packages for the month on January to help you do just this!

To find out more about The Online Assistants, and how we can support you and your family then please do get in touch.