If you are reading this guide then you have probably wondered how you will ever stop feeding to sleep, this might be because you are going back to work, or you would like someone else to be able to care for your baby around nap time or it may just be that you have decided that now is the time. 

I want to start by telling you all though that there should be absolutely no pressure from anyone else that’s influencing this decision. If you’ve decided that you would like your baby to perhaps fall asleep without the help of your breasts every time, then great, but if you’ve been told you are “making a rod for your own back” or that you are “creating bad habits” then please do not listen to this. If ultimately you are happy feeding your baby to sleep and they’re happy too then please continue.

Breastfeeding is a truly magical experience, our breasts almost become our superpower, the best bit of advice I was given was “if in doubt, boob” and it’s amazing just how quickly our breasts can calm our fractious babies.

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