Welcoming a new baby into our lives is one of the most exciting, joyful and sometimes overwhelming times for new parents. Friends, family and colleagues often want to show their love and support by way of gifts and congratulations - but what are the best gifts for new parents?

If you’re a parent, you may at one stage have found yourself on the receiving end of 450 baby grows sized 0-3 months, 55 stuffed bunnies and endless bunches of flowers arriving at odd times (always when you’ve JUST got your baby to sleep and closed your own eyes for some well earned rest of course…!) Wellwishers can occasionally slightly miss the mark, however well intentioned. 

We’ve put together the ultimate gift guide for new parents, hopefully this offers up some ideas and inspiration (and parents to be, feel free to share this with those around you for some (not so) subtle hints!)

Gifts for parents, or gifts for the baby, or both?

Good question. The obvious answer is a gift for the baby, however - it’s natural that as part of the excitement to the lead up to their baby arriving, parents have already been out and purchased (or been handed down) all the essentials for their new arrival and are pretty well stocked. However cute baby grows are, babies often only fit into a 0-3 month size for a matter of weeks depending on their birth weight, so many items can be left unworn. Our top tip here is to buy gifts for 6 months +, whether that be sizing up on clothes or for when a whole bunch of other equipment is required (think weaning and teething!)

For Baby

1. Baby Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags are a necessity for slightly older babies (usually around 3 months or whenever they stop being swaddled) and often are a forgotten addition to the new baby shopping list. We’ve previously tried out the gorgeous selection from Pure Earth, which are polyester free and made of bamboo wadding, are super soft, sustainable and the same bags fits from age 3m -3years which means it will get some guaranteed usage!


2. Teething

Not a stage parents (or babies) relish but an inevitable right of passage after just a few months. These clever teething rings from Cloud and Cuckoo have a dummy attached to them, so baby can chew away at their hearts content. They also make very cute little dummy clips so they won’t get lost during outings. A perfect gift, all boxed up coming in under £25

3. Weaning Equipment

If this is a first baby, it’s unlikely parents will be in possession of a good set of weaning equipment, such as bibs and mini cutlery. We love the range from Bibado - their clever long sleeved coveralls strap to the highchair or table, meaning all mess is caught and parents have an effortless clean up! Bibado cutlery has straps that attach to the bib too, so baby has the best opportunity to learn to use it without it dropping on the floor in the meantime. Gift sets come with everything you need in one box - a present that you’ll be thanked profusely for when the messy times roll in! 

4. Magnet Mouse Baby Clothing

This incredibly beautiful selection of UK made, 100% cotton clothing for babies has a handy twist. Tired parents no longer have to battle with fiddly poppers - all clothing from Magnet Mouse has hidden magnets as fastening, meaning getting your little one dressed is not only easy, but the clothes have no bumps and seams making them smooth and comfortable against their skin. We tried out a selection of footless rompers as well as their reversible hoodie - the quality is wonderful - super soft with cute, classic designs. We also adore the mouse onesie - who can resist a baby with a sweet little mouse tail?!

5. A Pink Noise Machine

This is something sleep deprived parents often end up ordering on next day delivery out of desperation after a few weeks when sleep deprivation kicks in, so it’s something really lovely for them to already have on hand from day one! Some of our team at Bloss HQ have sworn by the power of Glow Dreaming. The main unit is science backed and does a little more than your average white noise device. It is a unique combination of Red LED Light Therapy, Pink Noise, Aromatherapy and has an Ultrasonic Humidifier. They also have a compact, travel version if your recipient is a keen holiday maker. 

Food & Drink

6. Meals

Some of the soundest advice for parents-to-be is to batch cook, as you won’t necessarily have the time, energy or inclination to be cooking once the baby arrives. This of course could be made even easier with the gift of some delicious, nutritious, homemade meals from COOK. With the option of sending a ‘New Parents Meal Box’ or if your recipient may want flexibility, or you’re not sure on their tastes, a gift card is the perfect present to any value you wish. COOK also offer a 10% discount to all new parents for 12 months - what's not to love?

7. Letterbox Chocolates

The benefit of a letterbox gift is far reaching. It arrives quietly and conveniently through the door, so you’re guaranteed not to wake the baby or disturb any midday PJ lounge sessions with a knock on the door from a delivery driver. The gift itself of course can be pretty special too. We tried out Willies Cacao Bean to Bar letterbox chocolates and they were a huge hit. Real dark chocolate has a range of health benefits so not only is it delicious, it’s packed full of nutrients such as of fibre, iron, magnesium, copper and manganese to name a few (fab for tired new parents!) and is a great source of antioxidants. If you know some chocolate connoisseurs, these make a super gift and are very reasonably priced starting at £27.

8. Coffee

This is a no brainer (!) but has not necessarily made it to a gift list before (why not?!). Parents who are coffee drinkers are usually quite reliant on their morning wake-me-up - but breastfeeding mothers are often advised to reduce their caffeine intake. We taste tested NOLO which is a brand new range of No and Low caffeine coffee available as a subscription. It is not only as tasty (if not better) than caffeinated coffee but it comes with all the health benefits of regular coffee - and all without the excess jitters.  

9. A Coffee Machine

If coffee is their thing and you’re looking for a bigger, more luxurious gift (perhaps a group present from work or from friends) the benefits of this go far beyond the baby years. We tried out the Sage Barista Pro, which was stylish, easy to use and served up delicious, coffee shop standard coffee at home. This was particularly nice when having parent friends over for an easy afternoon get together - no need to sit in noisy coffee shops with the babies, all the comforts of home with the coffee shop taste!

10. A Hot Chocolate Subscription

If you’d like to give a gift with a little more longevity, how about a game changing kitchen gadget called the ‘Velvetiser’ from Hotel Chocolat, which can be purchased for half price alongside a hot chocolate subscription. Flakes of tastiness turn up each month ready to be velvetised into the most deliciously smooth hot chocolate. We tried it and can confirm it’s worth the hype. This is a must for winter babies and snuggly nights in!

11. A Large Water Bottle

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated generally, so this is a winner for parents; but those who know who know - when it comes to breastfeeding, your thirst is unquenchable beyond measure. It helps to have water vessels dotted around the house for wherever you end up sitting to feed, so the gift of one or more large water bottles can be helpful! 

A Helping Hand

12. A Postnatal Doula or Night Nanny

If you know a new parent that could really do with a helping hand, perhaps someone without family or support nearby, consider enlisting the services of a Postnatal Doula or Night Nanny. Bloss has a selection of experts who offer these services such as Kicki Hansard, Founder of Doula Directory. 

13. A Cleaner

Another great idea for a time and energy saving service gift is a contribution towards a cleaning service for a little while. This will take the pressure off hugely and is usually very gratefully received!

14. Robot Hoover

In lieu of a cleaner, how about a Robot Hoover? These are now highly sophisticated and some do both the hoovering and the mopping. One less thing for parents to worry about… 

TLC for New Parents

15. A Luxurious Robe or Loungewear

In some cultures, it is usual for new mothers to stay in bed for up to 40 days recovering from childbirth and their loved ones support them with food, childcare and rest. If 40 days of your time isn’t an option, sending new parents some gorgeous loungewear offers up that feeling of TLC. We adore the cashmere range from The White Company - in particular their short cashmere robe which is ideal for all year round - plus as a bonus it opens at the front making it breastfeeding friendly. They also do a selection of soft and cosy tops and trousers.

16. Red Light Therapy Mask

One of the best selling products from Current Body is their red light mask - and for good reason. This clever piece of tech combines red (633nm) and near-infrared (830nm) light wavelengths to kickstart skin's collagen production. The results are instant and long lasting and can help with everything from fine lines to blemishes. New parents can often feel tired and depleted which tends to show in their skin, so this is a super gift for helping give them a healthy glow and in turn, a sprinkle of feel good! As who doesn’t feel good when their skin and face feels at its best? Get 10% off sitewide with our code by clicking here.

17. A Travel Stroller

If you are looking for a gift which is both luxurious AND useful - especially if your gift recipient is keen on travel,  then a compact, lightweight stroller is a must have. There is a wealth of choice out there but if you are looking for a sleek, stylish option, Cybex have recently released the exclusive COŸA which is new to their Platinum line and comes in a selection of stunning colours - Sepia Black, Mirage Grey, Off White, Peach Pink and Leaf Green. COŸA is suitable from newborn to four years old, it folds with one hand to fit in an overhead locker and is fully compatible with Cybex infant carseats, making it both luxurious and versatile. What we love about this pushchair is that it brings elegance alongside practicality, which is really what you want from a gift! 


18. A Netflix or Disney+ Subscription

There are so many subscription services on offer but parents often want to spend some time binge watching when they aren't sleeping (or at least trying to sleep.) and Netflix can be just the ticket. If they have other children and don’t already have Disney + then this can be a gamechanger for keeping them entertained - plus they have lots of great exclusive series and documentaries for adults, so parents can still get their fix.

19. Noise Cancelling Headphones

For those moments where one parent or carer needs to have some uninterrupted sleep, downtime or rest when another is on baby duties, a pair of noise cancelling headphones or ear buds can make all the difference in making that happen. Enough said!


20. Personalised Jewellery

Finally, if you’re looking for something unique then a piece of jewellery such as these name bracelets from Otiumberg can make a thoughtful keepsake for parents. These come in a number of finishes and are wonderful quality.

Whichever gift for new parents you opt for, we hope these ideas spark some inspiration! 

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