Top 5, cheap, sensory activities that you can do at home with your little one.

1.Tinfoil tummy time

Grab a roll out of kitchen cupboard and place on the mat ready for tummy time. It’s shiny so they can see their reflection, crinkly and great for their pincer grip and fine motor skills

2. Playdough

This can be bought from the shop or home made, adding in different colours and spices to stimulate their senses. Simply give to them at table with high chair and let them squeeze and explore

3. Nature walks

Getting out and about daily for fresh air will do both you and your little one good. Take them out in the pram, walk together, feel the breeze on their skin, smell the freshly cut grass and listen to different sounds, this will trigger all their senses

4. Gloop or oobleck

Simply a mixture of warm flour and corn starch – super cheap to make and harmless if they put in their mouth! Just add food colouring and use a selection of scoop or tools. Children absolutely love this one – stimulates all senses

5. Home made sensory bottles

Keep any left over plastic containers or cartons with a sealable lid, simply fill with any ingredients around the house – from pasta to spaghetti, lentils and couscous or oil and water. Glue the lid shut or use cellotape to make more secure – keep an eye on them to supervise! It enhances all senses and is a fab way to have at high chair when waiting for a meal or tummy time, looking and rolling to build up their neck muscles.