Creative learning opportunities spark enthusiasm, boost confidence and develop key areas such as emotional development.

Watch our quick film to give you a flavour of why creative learning is key to engaging and motivating children.

When children are presented with ideas that they engage with, and opportunities that spark their imagination and grab their attention, they are going to be more immersed in what they are doing, stay longer with the activity and get more out of it.

We often think about the things children ‘need’ to learn and present them with paper-based tasks that can really switch them off. The last thing we want is children switching themselves off to learning and just plodding through a task to get to the end. Learning will not be embedded with tasks that are flat and uninspiring.

Aim to present your children with more creative learning opportunities that get them fired up, let them use all of their senses and give them materials that inspire.

Watch to learn about 3 reasons why creativity is key for:

  • Boosting Confidence
  • Boosting Emotional Development
  • Boosting Motivation

Our Enchanting Learning Cards are designed to support the practicalities of learning phonics, reading and writing in a creative and inspiring way. The cards are designed to last beyond the early stages of reading as a great tool to support and inspire creative writing.

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