The first 30 days with your newborn are the most special, but tiredness, recovering from birth and adjusting to a new routine can leave you feeling overwhelmed. To help you enjoy your first days and weeks with your baby, Holistic Sleep Coach Alissa Pemberton gives us her 30 top tips for mums and dads with newborn babies:

1. Get a baby wrap and use it!

The key to soothing baby when they’re fussy is to mimic the environment they feel most comfortable in – the womb! Using a stretchy wrap is the perfect way to keep baby safe & cocooned in a womb like environment whilst also allowing you to have your hands free. You can use your wrap out on walks or just around the house, and even put them in the wrap skin to skin. You can even pull out that birthing ball you spent so many hours bouncing on during pregnancy and bounce your baby off to sleep in their sling!

2. Take it easy on the visitors 

It’s so exciting when your baby first arrives – and you feel like you want to shout it from the rooftops! Some parents find having family and friends around is great, but there’s a definitely a limit. It’s easy to underestimate how exhausted you will feel in those first few days and weeks. You’re feeling slightly like a deflated balloon that’s been hit by a truck, plus you’re trying to figure out breastfeeding and that’s so much easier with a bit of privacy rather than having Aunty Doris on the couch next to you ogling your every move.

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