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Hello everybody my name is Marley, I’m a midwife and Hypnobirthing expert. I have been a midwife for several years now. And I’m going to give you a little bit of an overview about Hypnobirthing; what it is, how it can be affective and how it can help you during your labour. You may have heard the term Hypnobirthing quite a lot but perhaps you don’t know what it means. Hypnobirthing is quite literally a way of coping with the intensity of labour. It is a mixture of using deep breathing techniques, visualisations, relaxation techniques and rewriting birth language. Another really important part of Hypnobirthing is learning about the physiology of birth and how fear and anxiety can have a negative impact on your overall experience. The idea is by using Hypnobirthing techniques you’ll be taught how to eliminate your fear and become more confident and aim towards a calmer more confident birth. Now as well as having a positive birth experience you become more empowered over your birth and Hypnobirthing can help you remain in a calm zone to help you to release More of the more positive hormones associated with birth, for example oxytocin And eliminate the negative hormones such as adrenaline.There has been some research and new evidence to suggest that Hypnobirthing may actually reduce the length of time that you’re in labour for. It can reduce the need for drugs and the need for medical intervention during your labour experience. Hypnotherapy may help with your labour experience if you have previously had a traumatic birth. I can also help you keep nice and calm during all types of birth – natural, vaginal birth, an induced labour or caesarean section. There’s lots and lots of benefits to Hypnobirthing. It can have a knock on effect as well and reduce the risk of you having things like post natal depression.