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Click here to download my 5-days-of-nourishing-and-energising-snacks-for-tired-mum-s (3) resource.

I know how you feel and it’s hard to focus on yourself when you have a family to look after. But every family needs a strong Mama so it’s super important to make sure you are nourished too!

The good news is it’s possible to support energy levels by tweaking your diet to include nourishing foods high in healthy fats and protein that taste great. That’s where I can help!

I’m Clare, founder of Seed Nutrition and an expert in Pregnancy and Postnatal Nutritional Therapy. I can help you regain your energy, balance your hormones, aid sleep and help you feel as good as you did before you became a Mum. Just download my 5 Days of Nourishing and Energising Snacks for Tired Postnatal Mum’s. I know what it’s like to struggle with energy levels and constant tiredness, feeling like you’re running on empty all the time (especially when breastfeeding).

This 5 day snack plan will get you started with 5 days worth of high calorie snacks containing healthy fats and protein which will help to promote wound healing from childbirth, support breastmilk supply and sustain energy levels without the crashes.

The term ‘postnatal’ doesn’t just mean in the first 6 months. We can lack energy and suffer with poor sleep years after childbirth so these snacks are for any Mum needing support.

Not only that but the snacks are there to be easy to eat/drink whether you are on the go or sat on the sofa holding your baby. The snacks are designed to be nutritious as well as tasty to stop you reaching for that pesky chocolate bar which contains zero nutritious ingredients and will send your energy levels on a rollercoaster ride.

Want to know what other resources I have that can help you sleep better, have more energy to look after your children without getting ill all the time?

Book a free call with me here and we can talk about what you need.

With love & health,
Clare at Seed Nutrition