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You shouldn’t underestimate how important the birth environment is and the impact it will have on your birth. It is SO important! Whether you’re giving birth at home, at a birth centre or in the hospital, you’ve gotta make the environment work for YOU! The thing to remember is that you take in your surroundings through your senses. So by addressing each of the senses, you can completely transform the space you’re in. From a brightly lit hospital room to a beautiful calm, spa like space. Super relaxing and the perfect environment to get in the birth zone!

Let’s talk about each of your senses and what you can do to address each one:


If the room you’re in is brightly lit, it doesn’t feel very relaxing. You can dim the lights and get some battery operated tea lights to place around the room. The space will immediately feel completely different and really intimate.


Make a nice playlist for birth full of your favourite songs, use a playlist already made with relaxing spa music or listen to guided relaxation tracks.


Smell is such a powerful sense and can really change the whole vibe of the space you’re in. Get yourself a lovely room spray of your favourite scent or dab some essential oils on your wrists. Lavender is always a great one, but really just choose whichever scent you love the most.


Wear something you feel comfortable in. Take a dressing gown, your partners top, some slippers or fluffy socks. Or take in a blanket from home to hold whilst you labour.


Pack your favourite drinks and snacks. You’ll need lots of energy when you’re giving birth and of course it’s always important to stay hydrated.

It’s as simple as that – the space has been TRANSFORMED! You’re now in a beautiful, romantic, calming space, ready to soon meet your baby and have the most empowering and positive experience of your life (your birth!).