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1. Now’s the time for nourishment, not deprivation

If your car runs out of fuel, you take it to the petrol station and fill its tank up because it can’t run on fumes. Neither can you, no matter how hard you try.One of the only ways to get more energy is through the calories you eat. And not just any calories. These are keeping you fuller for longer, nutrient-dense, va-va-voom-inducing calories.Carbohydrates are usually the first to go. They’re the tantrumming toddlers of the food world – misunderstood. They’re your body’s and brain’s preferred energy source.Post tiny human, your body immediately goes into repair mode and protein is the lego of your body. It makes hormones, builds and repairs muscle, supports detox, makes hair, keeps you feeling fuller for longer after you eat and it's the leg clinging toddler that latches onto sugar and slows down your body's insulin spike when we've eaten something with any kind of sugar.
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