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Struggling to return to exercise after having a baby and not sure where to start, Clare gives you her most helpful pointers and encouragement to start…

  • It’s individual – no one size fits all
  • 6 week window is just a guidance – soft tissue healing is around 6 weeks but doesn’t mean this is always the case. Find the right amount for your body at this time, not complete clearance – beginning of rehabilitation time
  • Pelvic floor exercises, couldn’t be more important in postpartum, whether vaginal or caesarian
  • When returning to exercise look out for
    • Leakage of urine when jump, cough, sneeze, laugh or during exercise is an indication that is too much for you right now
    • Heaviness or dragging in vagina when exercising please seek assessment
    • Bulging in your tummy or fingers dropping down, seek assessment
  • Try to see a pelvic physio health specialist
    • NHS is free if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, via your GP
    • You can access privately even if not experiencing symptoms. Seek support, doctor is first line – don’t suffer in silence!