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In short, the science says that one way to conceive and grow a healthy baby/little person is to get your gut health sorted – something that, once again, our modern lives are challenging. However, if you’re already on board with this, but don’t have a lot of spare time to spend geeking out, here are our top five down and dirty, quick ways to get your gut healthy and build the foundation for conception and a healthy baby:

ONE: It’s all about what you eat.

The science says that you can change the bacteria in your gut (the microbiota) in as little as 24 hours with what you eat. Step one is to stay away from processed foods and added sweeteners as they are likely to create imbalance, especially if eaten repeatedly. This may seem obvious but remember they are often hidden even in ‘healthy’ packaged food (marketing pests up to their usual tricks). It is so simple: eat whole, real foods, and if something has more than three ingredients on the packet – put it back.
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