Trying to ConceiveFertility

During your fertility journey, journaling is an incredible tool to reflect on some of the thoughts and release the feelings and emotions that may be trapped inside of your mind and body. Journaling creates space for deep self-awareness and self-compassion.

Through journaling, you can learn to appreciate some of the small things happening in your life which may have been missed as you go by your day-to-day. Journaling also gives you the ability to track progress over a period of time, as you can refer back to some of your thoughts and insights.

How to Journal

I recommend that you journal with the good old and reliable pen and paper, keeping it simple and activating parts of your brain associated with writing. Find a quiet space (hot beverage optional) and commit to a set time – start with 10 minutes and increase as you get more confident. For greater benefits, you can try to practice journaling daily, however, if you can’t commit to this, then I’d say at least once a week. There is no need to share your journal with anyone, it is perfectly acceptable to keep it private (remember your boundaries).

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