One of the most common reasons why families approach me is that they worry, or they are struggling with their little one taking consistently short naps of around 30 minutes or less. Nap time is the sacred time you can sit down, get some jobs done, catch up on sleep, play with another child, relax – so it can be a little frustrating when your little one doesn’t nap for very long.

I define a short nap as 30 minutes and under, the problem with short naps is that your child won’t be getting the restorative sleep they need to prevent them from becoming overtired and this quite often means meltdowns and lots of tears by late afternoon. Babies that take short naps can also wake more frequently and/or early in the morning due to the fact they are overtired.

Some babies will prefer power naps, some will not be developmentally ready to take longer naps, however, there are things you can do and things you can put in place to make these longer.

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