Hi guys, I’m Sophia Ziff, I am our teen expert from Toddlers Teens and Between.

Hi I’m Gemma Arnold, I’m our toddler and between expert at Toddlers Teens and Between.

And we provide a service for parents to help their young people, their children or toddlers their between age or even teenagers with the behavior, mental health and wellbeing. So that we can give parents the guide, this advice, the support, the tips about how to improve the lives of their young people.

We love what we do. We love working with the children themselves. We love working with the parents and the families. And helping the families, get back on track to how they want to parent. And we love the immediate feedback and people using what we are offering and it actually making a difference.

And it’s great because we offer a few things. So we do bespoke one-to-one support calls, and that’s really for like tailored advice about a specific issue.

We also have the younger years course, which is for parents of zero to six year olds. So that’s kind of babies, toddlers and early years kids.

We have loads of modules there. All about teaching concern and developing emotional literate young people and how to build growth mindset and how to manage sibling rivalry and tantrums and the heat of the moment. And the list goes on.

And we also have products in our shop called a star chart and the bedtime routines. So we’ve got lots to offer for parents.