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There is a combination of things that children need to sleep through the night. Some of the key ones are a dark room, the ability to self-settle and a fully tummy. This article looks at the strong link between food and sleep, and offers some tips and advice on how to give your child the best opportunity to get the sleep they need.

I am often asked ‘how much is enough milk?’ There is lots of guidance on the NHS website as to how much milk babies should be taking based on their weight which is a fair guide to measure against, but as a parent you will know how much milk is ‘normal’ for your baby. My first son Teddy wasn’t that fussed about milk, but my second Rafferty couldn’t get enough of it! What was enough milk for Teddy to sleep through the night wouldn’t have been enough for Rafferty. As long as your little one is staying within their weight range, don’t get too hung up on the numbers.

There is a misconception that a breastfed baby has less chance of sleeping through the night than a baby who is bottle fed. Yes it’s true that formula is heavier, but if your little one is getting enough food and milk during the day it doesn’t matter how that’s delivered. Some breastfeeding mothers swear by offering a formula as part of the bedtime routine. If that works for you, that’s great – I say do whatever is working for you and your family! I’m actually a big fan of babies taking a bottle (expressed or formula) as part of the bedtime routine as it gives us Dads a chance to get involved. For so many Dads, bath and bed is their time with the little one when they get home from work.

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