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Baby loss is not just a story of grief, of pain and tears; it’s a story of love, of celebration, of becoming parents. It’s a place where sorrow and love collide, where dreams lay shattered on the floor, but simultaneously a new view of life can be birthed. It is only when the silent scream has been released from your soul, when your heart has been broken in two, that you discover this depth of love and pain even exists….so when the tears are falling, smiles are also breaking forth. 

You may be aware that we are currently in Baby Loss Awareness week; the United States Congress birthed this event in the USA in 1988. Congress authorised and requested the then President Ronald Regan to issue a proclamation in observance of this month. In 2002 baby loss awareness week was adopted by the UK, and each year it gets more and more attention. 

I think a common misconception is that Baby Loss Awareness week is for bereaved parents, and I don’t believe that’s the case; let me explain what I mean by that. Bereaved parents don’t need a special month or week to remember…they remember their child 365-days a year, whether the world acknowledges their loss or not. 

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