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What is fertility yoga?

During fertility yoga we adapt our practice in order to work with the body through its natural
cyclic nature and menstrual cycle. We focus on a restorative practice, working with our bodies
and natural cyclic nature to reduce our “stress response” naturally, and to activate our
“relaxation response” which assists the endocrine system in producing the correct levels of

Adapting our practice to work with our menstrual cycle is fully supported by science!
If we are struggling to fall pregnant, or we are made aware of any issues that may arise when we
want to start trying for a baby, we may be faced with a feeling of confusion, anxiety, fear or
worry – all things that we know are not good for fertility! In order to restore some confidence
and control back in to the body, it is vital we understand our bodies and find out why we are
struggling to fall pregnant.

Many women are unaware of how their menstrual cycle or hormones are working each and
every month and how they can heavily relate to fertility. Understanding this and adapting our
practice is extremely important during our fertility journey – knowledge is key and knowledge
provides us with some control and power! Our aim is to become more in touch with our bodies
as this will help us when connecting with our cycle and preparing our bodies for pregnancy. We
want to build a kinder relationship with our bodies and create a loving, positive energy space.

Why Fertility Yoga?

Traditional yoga classes tend to be a strong and heated practice which can sometimes place a
lot of stress on the body and when trying to conceive this is not recommended. Fertility yoga
classes focus on a more restorative practice, relaxing tension around the reproductive area and
increasing blood flow towards your reproductive organs. Yoga is hugely beneficial to the body
and mind but it can also help in regulating our hormones, changing the energetic flow and
calming the nervous system. During fertility yoga we will work with the breath, deep relaxation,
visualisations, meditations and asanas (poses).

A few benefits of fertility yoga:

  • Calms the nervous system
  • Regulates the hormonal system
  • Increases blood flow
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Strengthens the body
  • Increases your mood and libido
  • Provides stress relief
  • Boosts immunity
  • Provides us with a safe space in order to feel and process
  • Recreates the mind-body connection
  • Helps you to become more in touch with your body
  • Increases physical health
  • Builds a kinder relationship with the body
  • Allows us to build a support network and community

Stress and Fertility

Our hormonal system can very easily become imbalanced when the body is under stress. An
imbalance in our hormones can cause many problems including adrenal dysregulation which can
impact your reproductive hormones.

Studies show that an “infertility” diagnosis may cause the same amount of stress, anxiety and
depression as a cancer or HIV diagnosis. On top of that, stress levels are said to significantly increase
after 5 months of trying to conceive which can reduce your changes even further.

Yoga helps to switch off our stress response, that “fight flight” mode that the majority of us are living
in day in, day out. If your body is constantly in that state, the over stimulation of the sympathetic
nervous system will cause non-essential functions to shut down or fail to work; reproduction being
one of the first. Stress can also cause the muscles in the body to tighten and clench which can have a
detrimental effect on the blood flow to our reproductive areas.

Instead, we want to focus on activating our parasympathetic nervous system, our “rest and digest”
response which can hugely benefit the body. We do this through integrated yoga (asanas, breathing
techniques, mediation) and in doing so are able to provide the endocrine system it’s optimum
environment to thrive, producing the correct levels of hormones we need, at the correct time in our

Fertility yoga allows us to build strength, confidence and feel accepting of our bodies. It is only when
we start to accept our bodies that we can really show love and gratitude towards ourselves.

I hope I can assist you through your precious journey and together we can make this a happy, joyful,
calming and relaxing one.

Namaste x