The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted us all in so many ways. It has caused massive disruption and loss and brought about immeasurable change. One feature of the pandemic has been the rapid adoption of remote and hybrid court hearings, as opposed to in-person hearings, in the English Family Court and the Court of Protection.The future use, benefits and advantages of remote court hearings have recently been addressed by Sir Andrew McFarlane, President of the Family Division, in a speech on 16 October 2021 looking at the future of The Family Justice System. He explained that we have now reached a point in the Covid-19 pandemic where it is possible to think about a gradual increase in the number of cases that are heard in-person in court, as opposed to remotely or by way of a hybrid hearing. Whilst stopping short of issuing formal guidance, he set out some broad parameters of what is now expected in general terms with respect to remote working.
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