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Benefits of Sensory Play

Sensory play has many benefits to aid the development of your child. Be prepared to get messy (an apron and a wipe-able mat on the floor is always a good idea!). I also swear by the Tuff Trays, or some sort of area with a lip just to try and contain the mess a little […]

How to Find the Right Nanny for You

It’s becoming more and more common for both parents to have careers, and why not! I’m all for parents working and enjoying their career. Stereotypically…a mother would usually stay home with their children, bringing them up, cooking their meals and sorting the laundry. However, its 2021, and why can’t women work like men do? Working […]

How To Give Your Child More Independence…

Confidence is one of the greatest gifts we can give children. Allowing your child to become more independent as they grow up, is a great life skill for them to learn from a young age. As grown ups, whether you’re a parent or a care giver, you’ll be there to guide them through and let […]

How To Prepare Your Children For School…

I know that the school holidays have officially only just started, and September may seem a while away…but those months will quickly turn into weeks, which will turn into days, and before you know it, it’s time to start school. Whether your little one is making the big transition from nursery to reception, moving schools […]

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Top 5 sensory activities

Top 5, cheap, sensory activities that you can do at home with your little one. 1.Tinfoil tummy time Grab a roll out of kitchen cupboard and place on the mat ready for tummy time. It’s shiny so they can see their reflection, crinkly and great for their pincer grip and fine motor skills 2. Playdough […]

Alice curry norland nanny bloss parenthood expert

Intro to Alice – Norland Nanny

Hey everyone, welcome to bloss. My name is Alice Curry and I am a fully qualified Norland Nanny and maternity practitioner. I founded Nanny Inspiration Station to help inspire fellow nannies and parents and give them confidence to foster creativity in their home on bloss. I can help with potty training to weaning, to behavioural […]

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Potty Training

The time has come to graduate from nappies to pants, hello potty training. For each child, the age on this really varies, but any time from 2 and a half is a good start. Some children may be eager to whip those nappies off , whereas others may need a little more encouragement! Don’t compare […]

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How To Help Your Child During A Tantrum

Tantrums are normal, and they happen. And that’s okay, I promise you! Whether you’re out and about in the supermarket, or in the comfort of your own home, here are my top tips and tricks to help you deal with them. Why… Firstly, let’s try and understand why they do it. Chances are, they’re testing […]

Travelling with children…my top tips

As we dust off our passports and get the green light (literally…!) to travel again, here are my top tips in preparing you and your little ones to board that plane… Arriving Give yourself plenty of time (and then some…!) to arrive at the airport, park the car, get everything and everyone out of the […]

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July 17, 2021
Having had Alice as our full-time nanny for 4 years, I can say with absolute conviction that her impact on our children and us as parents was nothing short of life-changing. Nannying is not just a job for Alice. Her passion, care, and thoughtfulness are combined with exemplary organization and execution. She strives for excellence in everything she does and takes great pride in both deepening her expertise and seeing the positive change in children (and parents!) she cares for. Our children have thrived under her care and I can wholeheartedly give her my highest recommendation.
June 24, 2021
Alice is absolutely amazing! She is not only incredible with children but also a joy to be around. She is always a step ahead of the game and so so creative with the little ones. Couldn’t recommend her enough. ❤️
June 19, 2021
Alice is fab, loving her content!

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