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The Effect of Social Distancing on Under Fives

Social isolation describes the absence of social contact with other people or children outside the family household Currently, enforced social isolation is due to restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. During the COVID-19 pandemic, children have stayed at home for three to four months without physical contact with relatives and friends. Parents and siblings have […]

The Effect of Social Distancing on New Parents

Social distancing Social distancing will be exceptionally hard for many new parents faced with enforced separation and isolation in the coming weeks and months. The impact of loneliness on psychological health and wellbeing is huge and cannot be overstated. It can lead to unhappiness, anxiety, stress, disrupted sleep, and reduced resistance to infection. It can […]

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Baby Play

Introduction Play is fundamental to healthy brain and physical development. It provides an emotional outlet for tension and frustration, and it is crucial to the socialisation process. Play allows babies to interact in the world around them, to make sense of it, and to learn about their own culture. Play also lays the foundation for […]

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Is screen time harmful?

Can too much screen time harm my baby or child? There is some research that suggests that long periods of screen time can harm language development, lead to sleep disorders, obesity, short-sightedness, social isolation, screen dependence, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorders. However, other studies have shown that if used in moderation, watching TV or other […]

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