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Becky Taylor – Baby Loss Story

I should probably start by telling you I never wanted children. I was going to be the cool aunt, never the Mum. That was before I met Joe. He was a game changer for me – one my mother, sister, cousins will always be thankful for. When you meet the love of your life (In […]

WIN the ULTIMATE Mother & Child bundle, WORTH OVER £500!

*THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED* We’ve teamed up with our friends The Organic Pharmacy, Rachel Riley, and Annabel Karmel to offer ONE LUCKY WINNER the most amazing bundle of goodies. We believe that every mum deserves to be spoilt so we’ve decided to join forces and create an amazing package for mum and little one. […]

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Chloe’s Story – ‘There Is Light After Baby Loss’

Hello, I’m Chloe and this is my daughter Daphne who is one. Almost two years ago we lost our first son Leo, 5 months into my pregnancy when my waters broked prematurely (PPROM). Unfortunately, this was just 4 weeks prior to what is classified as “viable” gestation. I don’t think anyone could prepare you for […]

Win a Nuna pushchair & rocker WORTH £750!

Win NUNA’s bestselling Triv Pushchair & Leaf Grow Baby Rocker (worth £750!) We have teamed up with Nuna for an incredible giveaway this weekend. You will be in for a chance of winning Nuna’s bestselling Triv Pushchair and Leaf Grow Baby Rocker The Triv Pushchair: This fully-featured compact pushchair is perfect for city living or jet-setting travellers. TRIV™ is cleverly designed with […]

Win a Free Ticket to The Baby Show

*THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED* Be one of the FIRST 100 to enter and WIN a FREE ticket to The Baby Show at London’s Olympia, 22- 24 October 2021!  With the show being the nation’s largest shopping destination for all things baby, visitors can compare, try and buy from over 200 brands From Venicci, Obaby, […]

Navigating Pre-Natal Depression: Malin Andersson

Malin Andersson – Navigating Pre-Natal Depression As we’re approaching baby loss awareness week, I write this blog with a heavy but also light heart. I’m currently pregnant with my second child, but as many of you may know, I’m still grieving the loss of my first child, Consy. After giving birth at 32 weeks and […]

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Win 10 x Water Babies Swimming Classes

* THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED * It’s National Baby Swimming Week! And we’re so excited to be teaming up with the world’s largest baby swimming company Water Babies, to give one lucky competition winner the opportunity to win 10 x Water Babies classes. Taught by the best trained baby swimming teachers in the world, […]

NICU – Baby Jackson’s Story | Bloss Real Parent Series

When you are 27 weeks pregnant the last words you want or expect to hear are “We need to go to theatre as your baby is coming”. This was probably the scariest thing I have heard and started what will be a very long and scary journey through the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).  I went […]

C Section Advice for Fathers

Birth is a naturally worrying time for the dad-to-be, but often an area overlooked is what happens if the mum of your baby or partner has a caesarean. C-section advice for fathers, in addition to the information available for mums, is important. With the right knowledge and insight, you’ll be able to navigate this experience […]

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7 Tips to Get Baby to Sleep

Perhaps the biggest and most worry-rich conundrum that comes up time and again among parents of babies is how to get baby to sleep. Everyone warned you that sleep may be elusive before you became a parent, but no one could convey just how much this seemingly simple process would consume you. When your own […]

3x £200 Silky Tots vouchers up for grabs!

*THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED* 3x £200 Silky Tots vouchers up for grabs! Silky Tots innovative 100% Mulberry Silk is the answer to baby bald spots, painful to brush bed-head and dry, sensitive skin. Discover the magic of silk – the gentle way to sleep. We are so excited to be partnering up with Silky Tots […]

Win Annabel Karmel’s latest book & a week of meals

*THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED* Win a week’s worth of yummy meals & Annabel Karmel’s latest book We have teamed up with Annabel Karmel to give one lucky person the chance to WIN a week’s worth of her delicious, award-winning chilled meals AND a signed copy of her latest children’s cookbook, Fun, Fast & Easy! Fun, […]

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Win A £100 Trotters Gift Card!

*THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED* It’s officially Back-to-School Season – and the last thing you want is your child complaining that their school shoes don’t fit on the way out the front door! We’re teaming up with Trotters, the experts of providing perfectly-fitting shoes for your children, to give away a £100 Trotters Gift Card to […]

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The Bloss Back-To-School Checklist

The school holidays are zooming by. Before long, the uniforms will be worn once more, and it’ll be back to school. Getting kids (and their parents) ready for going back to school can take a fair amount of organisation. If you want September mornings to be calm and ordered, and the ability to tell your […]

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Tips to Sleep Better at Night During Pregnancy

There’s a really frustrating problem that can cause angst, stress and exhaustion during your pregnancy days and that’s the double-whammy of feeling extra fatigued whilst also struggling to sleep. It can seem painfully unfair, and no amount of anyone telling you that it’s preparing you for the newborn days is actually helping. Knowing how to […]

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WIN our Summer Glow-Up Giveaway, worth over £500!

The sun is shining, life is opening back up and it’s officially time to lock away the #wfh uniform (goodbye pyjamas!). Step out in style this Summer with a brand new look and a glamorous glow-up in partnership with! We’ve teamed up with Gayle Rinkoff, Dancing Leopard & Lolas Lashes to offer one lucky […]

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Binky Felstead learns how to breastfeed again!

In this ‘behind the scenes’ video of Binky Felstead, she is being shown how to breastfeed and get Wolfie to latch on correctly by a Lindo Wing lactation specialist. How did you find your breastfeeding experience? At bloss, we’re keen advocates of fed is best, whether breast or formula. Drop in your experiences and thoughts […]

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Binky Felstead’s baby boy heart murmur

In this ‘behind the scenes’ video, Binky Felstead’s son is having his oxygen checked after being diagnosed with a heart murmur in the first 24 hours of his life. This is apparently very normal and nothing to be too concerned about – it should correct itself very quickly. To continue viewing… Get FREE, unlimited access […]

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Binky Felstead pushes in labour

In this ‘behind the scenes’ video of Binky Felstead, she has gone into labour and has started pushing Wolfie out. She has had an epidural administered and is also using gas and air. What a hero! To continue viewing… Get FREE, unlimited access to all content You must sign up to view more content and […]

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Binky Felstead being induced

Binky Felstead came to the Lindo Wing at 7:30am 4th June to be induced and give birth to her son Wolfie. In this ‘behind the scenes’ video, Binky has just been put on heart monitors after having gel put in to induce her at 8am. here she tells the bloss community that her epidural will […]

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Binky Felstead – Weighing Wolfie

In this ‘behind the scenes’ footage literally minutes after Binky Felstead’s son’s birth, Wolfie, we can see him being weighed. 3.995kl… a whopping 8 stone 9! How heavy was your kid?? To continue viewing… Get FREE, unlimited access to all content You must sign up to view more content and gain full access to bloss! […]

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Binky Felstead Contractions

In this ‘behind the scenes’ video of Binky Felstead giving birth, her contractions are coming fast and furious! Binky rocks back and forth to help her ease the pain… what were your pain control techniques? Comment below! To continue viewing… Get FREE, unlimited access to all content You must sign up to view more content […]

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Binky Felstead’s placenta

In this ‘behind the scenes’ video, Binky Felstead is having post birth checks with her new son Wolfie, giving a ‘behind the scenes’ raw and humorous placenta birth story. What is your placenta story?? Share in the comments! To continue viewing… Get FREE, unlimited access to all content You must sign up to view more […]

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Reusable vs disposable wipes – all you need to know

‘Reusable wipes are a hassle, who wants loads of baby poo in their washing machine? Gross.’ ‘Disposable wipes are helping to destroy our environment, washing up on our shorelines and riverbeds, in the stomach of our marine life. Gross.’ Like everything when it comes to babies, there are lots of options out there on how […]

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Nutrition in Pregnancy

Eating a well-balanced and nutritious diet is important for our overall health and when we fall pregnant, it is particularly essential that we make sure we are consuming those all-important nutrients to help support the growth and development of our baby! Before we get going, this article is based on evidence based research and should […]

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Introducing Allergens to your Baby

Whilst the thought of introducing allergens during weaning may seem a little scary for some, it’s worth remembering that only 3-6% of infants in developed countries are diagnosed with a food allergy. That means that 94-97% of infants will not be allergic to any foods.  What are the main food allergens? Cow’s milk Wheat  Egg   […]

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Bloss is in Grazia!

Binky Felstead: ‘Parenting Is Far From Rainbows And Butterflies’ Binky writes about her miscarriage, second-time motherhood and why she’s launched a platform to help parents navigate those tricky times.   Whether I was trying to conceive, first time mum to India, struggling through my miscarriage at 10 weeks or needing to refresh my memory about […]

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Benji’s Bites – Tried & Tested!

Benji’s Bites provide a range of frozen toddler food aimed for children from age 1 upwards (or even an emergency meal for Mum or Dad..!). The concept behind the company is all around health and convenience, the meals being frozen into easy portion cubes (no waste woohoo!) with a range of 12 different frozen food […]

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The Benefits of Babywearing Explained

Babywearing is nothing new, parents have been carrying their babies in slings, carriers and wraps for hundreds of years RECEIVE 15% OFF everything at by entering BLOSS15 at checkout By Lille Baby and Me LÍLLÉbaby Complete All seasons and LÍLLÉbaby Dragonfly wrap Of-course you won’t be surprised to hear that newborn babies want to […]

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Competition closed – WIN £150 worth of spa treatments!

Competition now closed… Win £150 Secret Spa Voucher! Bloss have teamed up with the fabulous Secret Spa to offer you the chance to WIN a £150 Secret Spa Gift Card! Secret Spa is a luxury at-home beauty & wellness app, providing treatment in the comfort of your own home with therapists you can trust. Their […]

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