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Tips to Control Anxiety

These tips can assist anyone who has felt triggered by discussion of the content in the talk from our Instagram LIVE. More detailed information can be found on the handout and workshop around trauma, also available on my page. Tips to control anxiety: Refocus your attention! Concentrate really hard on something in your environment: colours, […]

Managing a Successful School Return!

The return to school, starting school for the first time, moving from one school to another, all of these things can lead to anxiety in ourselves and our child in the run up to the big day and at the school gates. Spending some time thinking about the root of this anxiety; where it is […]

Trauma Related to Birth

The challenges experienced by parents in the face of childhood chronic illness   Dr Claire Conlon, Senior Clinical Psychologist discusses birth trauma, including how the traumatic response in the body manifests and how this can affect you on an emotional and physiological level. Dr Conlon gives insight into how and when to seek professional support, […]

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Managing those childhood tantrums!!!

Temper tantrums are among the most common childhood behavioural problems especially between the ages of 1 and 3 years. These tantrums or extreme episodes of frustration or anger, can take the form of shouting, screaming, crying, falling to the floor, flailing arms and legs, hitting, kicking, throwing items, and engaging in breath holding spells. Children […]

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What is autism?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder caused by differences in the brain and it affects how a person communicates with and relates to other people. It also affects how they understand and make sense of the world around them. It is a spectrum condition, which means that, while all people with autism share […]

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What is anxiety?

Most people do not recognize their anxiety for what it is, which is a completely normal part of being human. We need to feel a sense of fear or anxiety in order to keep us safe. The fear system is what prevents us from walking out in front of a car or putting our hand […]

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Why is my child struggling to cope post covid lockdown?

At present we are hearing about many different presentations and difficulties experienced by children and families as they move from the lock down stage to a stage that involves increased socialisation. What we have just been through in the last year is unprecedented and we have never experienced a world before where children have been […]

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Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder

This workshop is all about understanding what Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is and how it might affect your child and you as a parent. We then look at ways to help their communication, play and interaction, behaviour, anxiety and also look at parental self care which is often overlooked. The course is aimed at parents, […]

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Understanding and Managing Anxiety

This programme is all about getting to grips with anxiety. It is a three part workshop spread out over three (roughly) hour long videos. Ideally you would complete one video each week, so that you can practice some of the material between sessions. To continue viewing… Get FREE, unlimited access to all content You must […]

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Understanding and Managing Anxiety Handout for parents

This handout explains everything about Anxiety! 1. What is anxiety, where does it come from and why is my child experiencing anxiety. 2. It then discusses ways to consider helping your child push through anxiety to become a more confident and less anxious child using many strategies and skills. Examples of these skills are: exposure […]

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Managing difficult behaviour in children

About This online instant access workshop is for parents who want to feel confident in managing behavioural challenges of all kinds in infants, toddlers and children; with and without additional special needs. The workshop is spread out over three sessions, each prerecorded video is about one hour in length. The first session will talk all […]

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Understanding the stressful journey of birth

This course is all about trying to make sense of stress and trauma that may occur for some parents in the process of conception, pregnancy, delivery or post delivery complications or medical interventions of any kind. This course provides very important education around the body’s response to stress and trauma, which in itself can be […]

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Mindful Parenting

This handout is all about how to become a more mindful parent. Being more mindful allows us to begin to look after ourselves as parents by paying attention to our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. By acting more mindful we can also begin to understand our child more, understand and recognize their needs and begin to […]

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Course materials for Managing Difficult Behaviour

Want to join the workshop ‘Managing Difficult Behaviours’ but can’t? Here you can simply purchase the course handouts which for many parents may be enough to support them to make changes. There are three handouts; Is all about trying to understand behaviour, why does it occur, what does it mean and how can I begin […]

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