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Introducing Organised Chaos Management

Hi, I’m Flip from Chaos Management. I’m someone that much prefers not to be behind the camera but due to this exciting collaboration with bloss life, I wanted to introduce what we do at Organise Chaos. We’re all so time poor these days whether that’s because of work, kids, commitments. The point of us is […]

Travel Tips

Hello again. While Organised Chaos Management can help navigate the minefield that is post lockdown travel and PCR tests. I wanted to give you my tips for packing for the holiday itself. I’m someone that likes to unpack when I get to places, but I hate the idea of wasting valuable holiday time with what […]


It’s me again! With life getting busier post lockdown, keep a pad and pen next to the bed. So when you have those light bulb moments of things you need to do, just as you’re falling asleep, you can scribble it down without having to turn on a light or worse still getting sucked back […]

Keeping on top of your To Do’s

Hello, I’m back! This time with a little hack on what I use to help keep me on top of things. It’s the reminder app on my computer and phone. I would be lost without it. When I’m juggling with what feels like a million things, for Organised Chaos clients as well as personal things […]

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June 26, 2021
Thank you so much to Flip & Organised Chaos Management for everything you have done over the past few months. You have been & continue to be such a big help in what has been such a strange year, and it’s a real comfort to know that you are here to help organise me and my life x

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