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50 Journaling Prompts for Fertility

During your fertility journey, journaling is an incredible tool to reflect on some of the thoughts and release the feelings and emotions that may be trapped inside of your mind and body. Journaling creates space for deep self-awareness and self-compassion. Through journaling, you can learn to appreciate some of the small things happening in your […]

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Building an Emotional Fort

A fort is a strong wall designed to protect warriors from an attack. Building an emotional fort for yourself will help you survive those bad days, and it will remind you that there is still hope and strength within you. An emotional fort will protect you. There are 3 parts of an emotional fort: the […]

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Self-Investment – 5 Ways to Transform How You Feel

Self-care is maintaining personal wellbeing and health. The things you do on a regular basis that have a short-term impact in your health and wellbeing. Self-investment is investing time and energy in things that contribute to your happiness and general wellbeing. The things you do every so often that have a mid-to-long term impact in […]

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