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Back to School: Building a Healthy Lunchbox

This is the time that I start thinking about the girls going back to school, buying new stationary and uniform. It’s a good time to start thinking about school lunches! Mine have always had school dinners (it works for us) but many of you will be sending your little ones off with a packed lunch […]

How can you prevent children choking on food?

Choking risks for children  Key points/top tips Even young babies (before weaning) can choke whilst drinking milk from a bottle. Prop-feeding is tempting but if baby starts to choke they won’t be able to push bottle away. Always stay with your baby/child whilst they are eating and drinking from bottles. Don’t put anything in your […]

Iron Intake in Pregnancy

Why do we need iron in pregnancy? Iron is needed for the manufacture of haemoglobin in both maternal and foetal red blood cells. Lack of iron in pregnancy can lead to Iron Deficiency Anaemia (a condition where you don’t have enough red blood cells; these contain a protein called haemoglobin that carries oxygen around your […]

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