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Sleep and Women’s Health

Can sleep impact Women’s Health? Most definitely! © Justine Hankin Acupuncture 2021 In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the amount and quality of sleep you get can impact every area of your health, including: your menstrual cycle, fertility, pregnancy, post-natal depression, breast feeding, menopausal symptoms and more. I’d like to take the opportunity to explain how […]

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Chinese Dietary Principles

Supporting your health through diet © Justine Hankin Acupuncture 2021 Diet is seen as a form of medicine in many different models of medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is no different.  According to TCM, when you are in good health, your energy (‘qi’) flows freely through your body and you don’t experience any symptoms […]

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Justine Hankin – How I can help you

Acupuncturist, women’s health expert and fertility coach Adolescence to menopause Integrated approach with expert doctors, consultants and therapists Western medicine with Chinese medicine I can give a greater understanding of how your body works, tools to help support health Regulate cycle Maximise fertility Feel well during pregnancy Reduce stress To continue viewing… Get FREE, unlimited […]

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5 Top Tips for Morning Sickness

Chinese medicine vs Western medicine Eat something as soon as you wake up Don’t eat on the run, chew your food properly Stay hydrated but avoid cold/iced drinks Get enough rest Have acupuncture To continue viewing… Get FREE, unlimited access to all content You must sign up to view more content and gain full access […]

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June 26, 2021
I can hand on my heart say Justine is nothing short of miraculous! From when you are feeling a bit 'meh' to having life changing and complicated issues, there is nothing that Justine will not get to the crux of and will have you feeling a million times better than before you ever spoke with her. She's the fount of all knowledge and knows exactly how to filter through all the noise and give you nothing but the essential tailored advice and treatments. If you want to feel better, be better and live better you are absolutely in the right place!

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