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Gently Supporting Successful Separations: Preparing to Return to Work and Easing Separation Anxiety for Little Ones

Easing Separation Anxiety for Your Little One Gently Supporting Successful Separations from Parents. This is a guide for parents and educators who recognise that separations from the primary caregiver are a really big ask for little ones. This e-book is suitable for parents and educators of babies and young children from birth to school age. […]

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Encouraging Your Child’s Growth Mindset

A 3-Day Reflective Handbook for Parents and Caregivers.   Research suggests that praise that focuses on fixed attributes and innate traits nurtures a self-image for our children that is tied up in task outcome as a measure of their success. This can create a “fixed mindset.” On the other hand, praise which focuses on the […]

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July 3, 2021
Kimberley has given invaluable advice and support, helping my husband and I navigate becoming first-time parents, with a wonderful focus on the relationship with our baby. She has given us the tools to really find confidence and calm in these early days of parenting.

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