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5 Important Questions to Ask at an Interview

Hands up if you’ve ever had an interview that seems to be going well – you’ve confidently answered all the questions, and then you experience brain freeze when asked, ‘Do you have any questions for me?’  Having a list of questions to ask an interviewer makes you look interested, enthusiastic, and engaged – all qualities […]

Get your wardrobe to work for you!

We’ve never asked so much of our work wardrobe – gone are the suits but what do you replace them with to maintain a level of professionalism? (we want to be taken seriously 🤓). Additionally, we want to wear our own personality and increasingly be able to transition between family and work roles – never […]

Job Search Checklist

The job market can be highly competitive, with dozens of people applying for the same job as you. But by making some simple, small changes to your job search, you could soon be hearing the words ‘You’ve got the job’. So get your CV ready, suit sorted and job search nailed with these five top […]

Transferable Skills

Here at Daisy Chain, there are often two words we hear a lot when a candidate is looking for a new role: transferable skills.  It is common for someone seeking a more flexible role to be open to other industries due to perhaps the industry they are trained in not allowing the opportunity for flexible […]

Flexible and Family-Friendly Vacancies

We are excited to share some of our LIVE FLEXIBLE & FAMILY FRIENDLY vacancies on Daisy Chain. All our Daisy Chain employers have been approved as flexible & family-friendly. To continue viewing… Get FREE, unlimited access to all content You must sign up to view more content and gain full access to bloss! Sign up […]

How to work from home productively

Working from home can be lonely, isolating, and suck the motivation out of you if you let it. In these trying times, here are Daisy Chain’s tips for Working from Home and how it can be a positive thing!  Be time clever Now, you may have more time (no commute, getting ready, etc) or less […]

Adapting to part-time working

In just a few weeks the coronavirus pandemic turned the working world on its head. All but essential workers were effectively forced to work from home as businesses pivoted to remote working. And, with restrictions and falling consumer confidence knocking demand, certain sectors have been operating at reduced capacity, leading to a rise in part-time […]

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