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Nourishing a Healthy Immune System for your Child

Lucinda Miller, Family Naturopath, talks to us about how to nourish a healthy immune system for your children during the first few formative years of their life. To continue viewing… Get FREE, unlimited access to all content You must sign up to view more content and gain full access to bloss! Sign up for FREE! […]

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Why does my child grind teeth at night?

Do you have a little one who tooth grinds or clenches their teeth? It is really quite common, and adults can teeth grind too! Worn down teeth involves lots more time and the dentist, and it can cause jaw stiffness and sleep disturbance. So, it is good to halt bruxism in its tracks where possible, […]

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Eczema kids – not just itchy on the outside!

If your child suffers from eczema, then you probably know how uncomfortable and irritating it is for them. Some kids are real troopers and take the itch and skincare routine on board, where others don’t cope that well and are often quite irritable and tetchy. The itchy burning skin can often disrupt sleep and eczema […]

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When Fussy Eating Is Not Just A “Phase”

Would you classify your child as a fussy eater? Most kids have food likes and dislikes and usually broaden their diet when the start to develop more mature taste buds and grow out of fussy eating. However, some kids continue having limited food choices in later childhood; and new research has found that this continued […]

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Can Vegan Kids be Healthy Kids?

I often get asked if it’s possible to feed kids a healthy and nutritious vegan, vegetarian, or mainly plant-based diet? Firstly it’s very important to know that you CAN raise healthy and thriving children on a plant-based diet. However, this involves a huge amount of commitment to cooking from scratch and educating yourself on optimising […]

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Lucinda Miller 7 Food Mantras

Here are some tips on how to feed your child so that she or he are as nourished at possible Cook from scratch as much as possible Stick within the NHS sugar guidelines Try your best to make sure your child has their ‘5 a day’ you can do this by blending them into smoothies […]

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