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5 Benefits Of Using Music With Kids

There are so many benefits that music has on our children, here are just 5: Music calms and regulates children’s minds and bodies Music supports overall development including speech and language and physical functioning Music improves memory functions Music supports settling and promotes deeper sleep Music provides opportunities for parent-child bonding and attachment

Monique Bathis, Bloss Parenthood Expert, Music Therapist

What is Music Therapy?

Introducing Monique Bathis – Music Therapist and Parent Coach. Monique works in acute paediatrics and in private practice with school aged children and younger with various disabilities such as Autism, ADHD and intellectual impairments. Music therapy is a research based allied health profession, intentionally using music to help people strive to reach their fullest potential […]

5 Tips On How To Use Music To Ease The Night-time Routine

The nighttime routine can be one that is particularly challenging for parents and can lead to frustration, overwhelm and anxiety for parents and children alike. Music is a whole brain activity and can add playfulness and connection to otherwise mundane tasks, and help the brain to anticipate and predict what is coming next (the brain […]

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