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child stress

13 ways to help your child manage their stress

Stress is the body’s reaction to a challenge. Depending on how you perceive this challenge, stress can be experienced as ‘good’ or ‘bad’.  For example:  When you are about to go on the rugby pitch you may feel stressed, but this type of stress will make you sharper and increases your performance  When you are […]

teenager depression

Talking to your teenager about their depression

Should you do something? Low mood in teenage years may be short lived. However, if there is a marked change in your teenager’s mood, if it is ongoing and significantly affecting your teenagers happiness, ability to perform and sociability, then its time to address it. Getting together Depending on the family structure, it will be […]


6 Top Tips to Deal with Anxiety

Anxiety is the most common mental health condition people experience and is characterised by a range of anxious thoughts and behaviours. Anxious thinking is almost always fear-based and anxious behaviour is often carried out to make the person feel less fearful. This behaviour is not generally positive. So, for example, someone who is anxious of […]

postnatal depression

Do I Have The Baby Blues or Postnatal Depression?

Postpartum is the term used to refer to the time after childbirth. Whilst early literature refer to this period as the first six weeks after birth, the World Health Organisation (WHO) describe it as the period that begins immediately after childbirth and until the mother’s hormone level and uterus size returns to a non-pregnant state, […]

Looking after your Mental Health during Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a time of mixed emotions for both parents to be. For most, a very happy time, but also accompanied by uncertainty and possible worries over what each change may bring. Some common factors include adjusting to the physical impact of pregnancy, for example, morning sickness or extreme tiredness; potential pregnancy complications; the […]

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Children and Young People’s Mental Health

Mental health lies on a spectrum from wellbeing to mental ill health. Embedding wellbeing practice from early years is something parents should promote. Most children and young people enjoy positive mental health and deal with the challenges of growing up and life very well, thriving into adulthood. Mental ill health in children and young people […]

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When should I start to focus on supporting my child’s mental health?

Looking after your child’s mental health starts from birth. Early childhood mental health or infant mental health focusses on the important years of 0-5 years. Vital lessons an infant learns through the caregiver relationship includes building of trust, learning to relay a need for comfort when scared or upset, learning about connections and relationships through […]

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The impact of Pandemic Burnout on Parent Mental Health

The limitations and uncertainties imposed by the COVID19 pandemic have forced parents to respond with new behaviours, routines and habits. Whilst these changes may have provided practical solutions, emerging from the pandemic you might notice a toll on your mental health.  Burnout refers to the aftermath of a mental or physical overload, also referred to […]

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Low Mood and Depression in Children and Young People

Children and young people experience a range of emotional difficulties, often brought on by the challenges and changes they face. These range from puberty, to adjustment to transition and change and social and identity issues. Unsurprisingly, this makes it difficult for parents and carers to identify what might be a developmental issue from the start […]

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Digital Support for Children and Young People’s Mental Health 

Digital Health Interventions, specifically post pandemic, have been promoted as one way to respond to increasing mental health need in children and young people. Mental health apps can be one way to respond to early mental health distress or used alongside more traditional treatments. Whilst there are many mental health apps, only around one third […]

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Curbing Perfectionism in Parenting

Perfectionism is a personality trait that includes striving for flawlessness, impossible to achieve standards and overly critical self or other evaluation. In parenting this can translate amongst other behaviours to having endless rules which are often never met, leading to increased stress and dissatisfaction and feeling exhausted as you try to achieve the smooth running […]

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Anxiety in Children and Young People

Anxiety is the most commonly occurring mental health difficulty for children, young people and adults with around one in 6 children and young people aged 5-16 years experiencing an anxiety disorder. Common features of anxiety include tension, fear, worry, frustration, irritability, sadness and withdrawal. Different developmental stages bring their own fears and worries and expression […]

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