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Is it a speech and language delay or autism?

There are differences between a language delay and autism. Today you will learn about language milestones and also red flags for autism. When your child is not talking and you are not sure why, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. It is important to know the facts, so that you can advocate […]

Bloss Parenthood experts

5 Speech Language Strategies to use with Autism

Working with early learners with complex communication disorders like autism can be challenging, but also extremely rewarding work.  Building communication, using expression and finding our voices is an incredible journey we take students on daily. Finding speech therapy ideas to continue to build the voices of our non-verbal or verbally limited students is imperative to […]

Autism Outreach Podcast

Is your child or a loved one autistic? Listen to our weekly show all about autism and communication. In the Autism Outreach Podcast, Speech Therapist and BCBA, Rose Griffin from ABA SPEECH, provides her best, ready to use autism interventions and speech therapy techniques to inspire professionals and parents working with students with autism. With […]

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