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Your Body & Your Choice

Monitoring, movement and what to wear during labour Being pregnant gives us a lot of choices to make…where you want to birth your baby, do you want any drugs, how do you want to feed? Unfortunately we aren’t always given the full picture or told how things may negatively impact our experience.  It can be […]

Pregnant bump in black and white with white logo and title, reading 'The Wonderhood - Guide to Hypnobirthing & Beyond'

Guide to Hypnobirthing ebook

This ebook is your guide to all things Hypnobirthing and beyond. You will find lots of info that can help you and your birth partner prepare for birth. There are lots of tips, trick and techniques that you can use: Get to know your birthing body and hormones Breathing techniques for labour Relaxation techniques How […]

Guided Pregnancy Relaxation MP3s

Guided Pregnancy Relaxation MP3s

These guided relaxation tracks are perfect for you during pregnancy and birth. They will help you to feel confident about birth, help you release any fears that you might have and become a tool that supports you during labour. These are best when listened to just before you go to sleep. This is a pack […]

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