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I remember my main concern when my uterus decided to stop shedding her lining for 18 months straight. What if my body forgot how to ovulate? I know my mother had struggled with this for 7 years before she conceived me, due infrequent ovulation. We’re talking once or twice per year. My grandmother’s story was similar.

It honestly felt like someone had casted a spell on each second daughter in our family. With or without superstition, there are studies that suggest that infertility runs in the family. It’s important to note that no one has ever identified an actual infertility gene. Instead it’s much more likely to be linked to other hereditary conditions, with infertility as a mere symptom or side effect. 

How Ayurveda explains Reproduction

Clue: once I found Ayurveda, my period returned within 6 weeks! It was the foundational reason I started my track towards Ayurvedic Practitioner.

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