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Ayurvedic Healing for a Sacred 4th Trimester

Ayurveda Mama Postpartum

“Back in the day”, a birther would be surrounded by other women from her village, who’d know exactly what she needed: softness, nourishing meals, quality time with baby and loving care to help her heal. The main purpose for these women to surround the birther in her 4th Trimester was to mother the mother, so the new mother could fully focus on mothering. As your postpartum Doula, I want to do just that for you.

Ideally, the postpartum support continues for the full 42 days that the 4th Trimester counts. Baby would be sheltered in a cocoon with mama, without any exposure to the public. A Doula would be there for healing touch, nutrition support, breastfeeding support, healing tea’s, peri bottles, warm water bottles, herbal baths and belly wrapping. They would hold space, guide the birther through any rituals and maintain the healing energy in the house with soft lights, aroma and fresh air. Light house hold tasks and getting any essentials from outside are traditionally included too.

In today’s reality, such a labour intensive package simply isn’t always affordable. To meet your needs at a financially sustainable price I designed three different healing plans:


  1. MYRRH: 2 weeks postpartum support with 2, 3 or 4 weekly sessions. Compared to a one off day rate, MYRRH allows you £30 off for each session*.  Additionally, I am on call if you need quick advise or extra hands on support.
  2. FRANKINCENSE: 4 weeks postpartum support with 2, 3 or 4 weekly sessions. Compared to a one off day rate, FRANKINCENSE allows you £67 off for each session*.  Additionally, I am on call if you need quick advise or extra hands on support.
  3. GOLD: go all the way and get most value for your money with 6 weeks postpartum support, 2, 3 or 4 times a week. Compared to a one off day rate, GOLD allows you £100 off for each session*.  Additionally, I am on call if you need quick advise or extra hands on support.

*Each session is a 3 hour time slot, this includes the little leverage we often need in this magical and admittedly little chaotic chapter of our lives. The minimum support of 2 weekly sessions is secured for you upon your booking, after which I will be in touch with you to talk more into detail how I can meet your needs. Baby’s due date is mostly just guess work, hence my calendar is prepared for flexible sessions (so dates are never rigid and can always be changed over what’s app, phone, e-mail, even a voice memo).

**Please note I can only take 2 birthers a month, so be sure to schedule your scared window timely.


What is included with your plans?

For the Mother:

As per your needs…

  1. Daily bite sized assessment ceremony – To check in with the birthers & baby’s appetite, digestion, elimination, rest and moods.
  2. Ayurvedic Warm Oil Massages – Recommended one per day for 40 days. Self massage instructions will be included.
  3. Energetic Body Work – Your custom made herbalized oil, acupressure massage techniques, light therapy, crystals and tuning forks to work on your subtle energy channels & entry points (acupressure, Marma)
  4. Yoni Soaks – With personalised Soma Blend (healing herbs for Yoni) + Myrrh, Frankincense and Cordial Gold.
  5. Herbal Tea’s – To assist lactation, digestion and sooth any uterine contractions.
  6. Ayurvedic Snacks to build strength and immunity (“Ojas”)
  7. Ritual: Closing The Bones – when pelvic floor is re-activated – Allows for physical, emotional, and spiritual sealing of the birth process. Using the Bengkung Belly Bind Technique to offer the birther body loving support & stability. Improves: posture, stabilises loosened ligaments, assists the abdominal wall muscle retraction, tones and provides support to “floating” organs.
  8. After 21 days. Sacred Ceremonial Bath – With healing herbs, flowers and quiet time to reflect.

For Baby:

  1. For Baby: Ayurvedic Skincare Protocol – To help prevent rashes and allergies.
  2. For Baby: Soothing Baby Massage – To help settle (instructions).


  1. 42 days of personalised Yoni Soak + 1 x Yoni Steam Supply (Soma Blend, value: £89)
  2. Stepping into a new world – Complementary Dinacharya Session – To help build gentle, supportive and joyful routines. Includes medicinal tea/herbal medicine protocol & divine nutrition recommendations for your Dosha (Mind-Body Type).
  3. After 6 months – Ayurvedic First Solids Recommendations & Baby Dosha Reading


What’s next?

You can either book your favourite plan through Bloss, book in for a complementary call to work through any questions. Also, download my pdf “The Postpartum Issue”: Ayurveda Mama Postpartum