Baby showers may have started off as an American tradition, but we’ve now welcomed them to the UK with open arms. With the right baby shower ideas and some good planning, it’s an opportunity to spoil the mother-to-be, celebrate the change about to happen in her life, and make her feel loved and valued for the remarkable job she’s doing growing a totally new human life. It’s also a chance for family and friends to get together in advance of the little one’s arrival.

From baby shower decorations to baby shower food ideas, we’ve got you covered with 20 amazing baby shower ideas. We’ve tied each idea to our favourite baby shower themes.

1. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

The best baby shower decoration ideas fit around a baby shower theme. Unisex themes, like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star work well. Imagine how stylish and beautiful the decorations will look with a grey and gold stars theme.

2. Baby in bloom

One of our favourite baby shower ideas for girls is Baby in Bloom. Decorate with blossom and lots of pink florals for a wonderfully girly event. 

3. Glitzy glamour

For first time mums about to say goodbye (albeit temporarily) to their usual lifestyle, a glitzy glamour theme with mocktails and indulgent canapes is perfect. This can help the star of the show feel less like she’s losing her identity.

4. Beep, beep!

Have fun with baby boy baby shower ideas with themes such as transport. Get ready for a childhood ahead of enjoying planes, trains and automobiles with a fun transport themed event. 

5. Honeybee buzz

For unisex baby shower ideas, we adore a honeybee theme. This lends itself to some wonderful baby shower food ideas such as bee themed cake pops or honey-based cakes. When the party is over, every guest can take home a little jar of honey as a sweet favour too!

6. BBQ to Baby-Q

For summertime showers, especially if you’re extending invitations to gents too, what about a barbecue? For subsequent babies, this is a nice theme for including older siblings with garden games and summertime fun. 

7. Elephants on parade

Cute baby elephants work wonderfully for a fun baby shower theme and there are often lots of baby shower decorations with elephants to choose from. 

8. All things baby!

Who says the theme needs to be anything more than all things baby! Dummies, nappies, teddies… they all make for a cute theme. A gift can be a ‘nappy cake’ and a non-alcoholic fruit punch can be served from a baby bath! You can also have baby themed games, such as guessing who is who from baby photos.

9. Let’s go down to the woods today…

A teddy bear’s tea party makes for a wonderful woodland themed baby shower with natural decorations. Rustic decorations can be made from bits of wood and a red gingham tablecloth wouldn’t go amiss!

10. French market theme

Another distinctly adult theme for a baby shower, that doesn’t stretch too far into all things cutesy, is a French market theme. Serve platters of cold meats, baguettes and fabulous cheeses for an adult occasion before the little one arrives.

11. Step into a fairytale

Fairytale themed baby showers are a novel idea that gives a glimpse into all the happy hours ahead for reading to your baby. Guests can bring books as a gift and there could be a book shaped cake. 

12. Tutu cute

Perfect for little girl baby shower ideas, with a tutu cute theme you can decorate food stands with little taffeta tutus. Lots of pink and white balloons will round it off. You can also serve pink lemonade to fit the colour scheme.

13. Under construction

Another of our favourite baby shower ideas for boys is the under construction theme. Food can be served from toy diggers, baby shower games can be construction themed, and it’s got the fun play on words for the bun in the oven!

14. The Velveteen Rabbit

Everyone loves the Velveteen Rabbit and it makes for a blissful and heart-warming baby shower theme. With rabbit themed biscuits to enjoy with a cuppa and pretty veggies to complete a buffet, it can be a firm favourite for a childhood inspired theme.

15. Santa Baby!

Is your baby due around Christmas, or even in January? A Santa Baby theme is perfect for this time of year. With red and white Christmas decorations and a chance to spoil the mum to be, it’s a perfect wintry baby shower theme.

16. Rainbows and magic

Rainbows make for an easy baby shower theme because you can easily get baby shower decorations in lots of different colours and have fun with food colouring when it comes to the buffet. 

17. Peter Pan in Neverland

“Never grow up!” they cry! Even before baby has arrived, there’s a sense that childhood is short but magic. With a Neverland theme, you can celebrate the imminent arrival of a whole childhood ahead. From Neverland themed baby shower decorations to pirate games, there are lots of touches that fit the theme.

18. Rubber ducks

There’s nothing that quite says babyhood like rubber ducks! With splashes of yellow and rubber duck themed decorations, cake and food, it’s a fun and quirky theme for everyone to enjoy. Plus, who doesn’t love playing hook-a-duck? 

19. Life’s a beach!

Who says the venue has to be somewhere indoors? You could have a beach themed shower at home, or why not take the soon-to-be-mum to the beach for a day of fun? Beach ball cake pops anyone?

20. Ready to pop!

If mum-to-be is heavily pregnant then she may well be feeling ready to pop! Have a popcorn themed shower with reds and whites. Keep things low key as energy levels may be low at this stage, but make sure your friend feels pampered and special.

A baby shower is a brilliant chance to have some fun together and show that you care. Make sure you plan it soon enough in advance that mum isn’t worried about a very imminent arrival.