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This is the time that I start thinking about the girls going back to school, buying new stationary and uniform. It’s a good time to start thinking about school lunches! Mine have always had school dinners (it works for us) but many of you will be sending your little ones off with a packed lunch so I thought I would post something everyday this week relating to what you may pop in their lunchboxes! It doesn’t need to be expensive but it definitely requires some planning and organisation!

You can stock the freezer with some different breads such as fortified bread, mini pitta bread, bagel thins and mini bread rolls. To make it fun for younger children, you could cut their sandwiches into shapes using different cutters or leave a little note in there from time to time?!

It’s not just about sandwiches though (some children don’t even like them) as long as you’re choosing something from each of the food groups it’s ok! The key is to provide variety over each week. If I plan my family meals for the week I always feel so much more organised and less stressed. Same is true for lunchboxes!

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