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You’ve had a lovely summer holiday but, as the end of August approaches, that back to school feeling starts to creep in! The beginning of the school term is such a personal experience for both parents and children. Some children cannot wait to get back to school, see their friends and learn new subjects. Other children may feel anxious about the start of term and require a little extra reassurance. Some parents are literally counting down the days until their little ones go back to school whereas others could feel a sense of loss after spending all summer with the kids. There is no right or wrong way to feel about going to school after the holidays. No matter what stage of school your child is currently at, the start of term is a big milestone that needs to be treated sensitively in order to cultivate the best experience for you and your child. This article is designed for all ages, to help you structure the weeks leading up to the start of term and minimise the stress around the change of routine.