The end of the summer holidays can be a challenging time for children and young people. Worries about going into a new school year, changing form groups, starting new subjects or being around people who are no longer friends. Friendships at school might look a lot different in September to how they were left in July, and for some children this can cause real anxiety. The transition from school holiday back to school day can be tough, so here are some ideas that might help.

Friendship issues

Friendships and group dynamics can change very quickly, especially if they’re using social media. During my years of teaching, I would often see a group of friends happily leaving together at the end of the school day, only to be sat apart and in silence during registration the following morning. Usually there would have been some sort of disagreement online, which can be hard to keep up with when you’re not able to see it yourself.

The change of pace in friendships can be exhausting for children, and often we see them try to establish a sense of security in a ‘best’ friend. This can then feel devastating if it changes, like their world has crumbled, and I’ve often seen children skip school after arguing with their closest friend.

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