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Going back to school can be an expensive business. New uniform, new sports kit, new shoes, new stationary, the list goes on and on. Whilst new may be an option for some, the worry of providing for children to return to school in September can be a challenge which causes some families as much concern as putting food on the table. A department of education study in 2015 found that that one in five families and carers suffer hardship as a result purchasing their child’s school uniform.

A recent Govt report published in May of this year stated that no uniform should be so expensive, to prevent a family applying for their child to attend their preferred school and as a result legislation has been brought in to this effect.

Even with this provision, The Children’s Society when they surveyed 1,000 parents in the UK and found that they were spending on average £337 on School Uniform for each secondary school pupil and £315 for each Primary School child.  

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