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Hello, I’m Angie and I’m at the eco midwife on Instagram and Facebook. I’ve been in NHS, practicing midwife for the last 10 years and also a health visitor. And here are some of my top tips to help you prepare in pregnancy for the postnatal period.

Becoming parents in the postnatal period can be overwhelming for many people. And it’s being aware that we can’t do it all. We can’t all be super mom or super dad or super parent. And that actually it takes a village to raise not only the child and the baby, but also you as parent. And it’s really important to understand that asking for support when you need it is actually a sign of positivity and it has huge benefits for you all so that you have a good postnatal period.

It’s also being aware that one in 10 women will have mental health disorders in the postnatal period. Things like postnatal  depression and around one in seven women will experience postnatal anxiety. And it’s really important that if you experience these thoughts or these feelings that you speak up to your midwives, to your health visitors, that you speak to your GP so that you can have the support that you need.

It’s also worth considering in pregnancy that you consider who your support network might be. That might be your mums, your dads, your aunts, your uncles, your friends. It might also be support groups, postnatally, and baby groups that you’ve gone to, where you have met other people. It may also be people that you’ve met in your antenatal classes, antenatally.

But consider those people and think about who you want to support you postnatally and have them on hand if you need to, but always ask for help when you need it. We were not designed to have babies alone and we all need that village around us when we become parents.