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Benji’s Bites provide a range of frozen toddler food aimed for children from age 1 upwards (or even an emergency meal for Mum or Dad..!). The concept behind the company is all around health and convenience, the meals being frozen into easy portion cubes (no waste woohoo!) with a range of 12 different frozen food cubes that can be mixed and matched any way you want. There is a choice of four carbohydrate based cubes, five meat, fish and vegan “mains”, two vegetable sides, and a “use for anything” tomato and vegetable sauce.

Our panel of #realmamas put Benji’s Bites to the test…this is what they said!


“Absolutely in love with the Benji Bites pouches! We’ve been out all day visiting family, Nellie was super tired when we got home  so I need a quick dinner sorting! We had veggie bolognese and pasta it was ready in two minutes and Nellie polished off the lot! Even more amazing that she’s been teething and has really been off her food but still demolished her Benji Bites dinner! The packaging is excellent love that it’s responsibly packaged and the pouches and the cube format that fit in my tiny freezer without taking up too much room! So happy she’s been able to have a healthy dinner and I didn’t have to break out the usual fish fingers when I have zero energy to make a proper meal for her! I’ve recommended Benji Bites to all my mummy friends they’re brilliant! Had a bite myself and it was super tasty!“ – Sophie H


How did you find the cube format?

I really liked them actually. Also they were very easy to store in the freezer + defrost. They were similar to when I started to wean my baby and freeze the food – Sophie

The cube format was a really good idea. It meant you could use as much or as little as you needed depending on which child I was feeding and how much they wanted. – Sarah

How much did you enjoy the convenience of having a healthy meal ready in minutes for your little ones? –

I personally really enjoyed the convenience of a healthy meal. I’m not a fan of ‘packet food’ for my bubba, so this was a great alternative. However saying that, my little likes huge variety so I couldn’t give him the same too often. – Sophie

Being a working mum, quick and healthy food is a top priority! The boys were able to have a healthy meal, in next to know time which is perfect if you’re home late or need something quick. It’s good to know that they’re good for the boys too- so no mum guilt!! – Sarah


How important is sustainability to you (compostable pouch, reusable/recyclable delivery packaging, reducing food waste etc)

It’s quite important. – Sophie

To me it’s really important, especially as we are trying to do more to protect our planet. The packaging was really well thought out & they had thought carefully about limiting food waste. – Sarah

Did you taste the food yourself? What did you think?

Yes I did. The bolognese was delicious, that was the most flavoursome dish my little one has had.  I struggle with seasoning that’s not harmful (eg salt) but there were so many layers of flavours and I could tell by his face, he really enjoyed it! The fish pie also had really good taste, so they were definitely the top favourite for my boy. – Sophie

Yes, i thought it tasted and looked really good! I was super impressed at the flavours in the food I tested & also how it looked as if I’d made it from scratch! – Sarah

When did you find it most helpful having a healthy meal ready in minutes? (Eg: post nursery, when you’re most tired, days when you’ve got your little ones at home, weekends etc)

When my husband was stressed with work and having to think about work. Having something ready prepared was helpful and one less thing for me to think about. – Sophie


Days when I work later or we are home late from being out or the boys are really hungry. – Sarah

Did you mainly mix and match Benji’s Bites products to make a complete meal or use them to compliment other meals?

I just used Benji’s Bites to make complete meal, but mixed and matched the different meals. – Sophie

So far I have used them to compliment other meals, so I far have used the bolognese and cooked my own pasta to go alongside and have also used some of the side dishes to add to meals I have made the children. – Sarah

What are the three best things about Benji’s Bites?

The menu choice and the flavours. Delivery and how it was all packed was extremely impressive and the packaging. – Sophie

Convenience, taste & the brand ethos/ values – Sarah


Would you recommend it to other parents?

Yes absolutely! – Sarah & Sophie