Hi, I’m Gemma Arnold from Toddlers, Teens, and Between. I’m the between and toddler expert.  And I’m Sophie Ziff, our teen expert. And we’re really excited to share our top tips to help equip you as parents for your toddlers, your teens, and between.

Parents often ask us how to encourage that teenagers have that better social media experience. We love this one to one collect that we always advise, which is about going on to social media, either with them, or just let them do that themselves but to delete somebody that doesn’t give anything to their lives, it adds to their insecurities. It makes them feel that kind of envious comparison, and rather than go onto a hashtag that, something that they love a hobby, the way they feel about themselves and find somebody that brings joy, try the one-to-one social media cleanse.

Another thing you can do is talk to your teen about the privacy settings. What do they have it on? Can everyone access their profile? Is it limited if you’re not so sure on this yourself, you can Google it or reach out to somebody who might be more familiar with it and learn yourself to do it.

Well, so to know that things have become a much more sexualized at a much earlier age, teens have access to porn and sending nudes. So really knowing the law and sharing that with your teens, but also explaining to them about why we communicate that to each other.

What’s the need, what does that make us feel about ourselves? And finally making sure that young people come off social media feeling good about themselves. So we always love to encourage a positive internal self-esteem affirmation. The I am statement.

So I am capable. I am resilient. I am gorgeous myself. So that they can start to battle against some of those feelings that might happen after five hours of scrolling on Tik tok. And they suddenly feel not great about themselves. We hope that helps.