BlossBirthBirth preparation

Hi, I’m Sam Meaching, I’m a hypnobirthing teacher and here are a few of my top tips to prepare for birth.

A lot of parents come to me asking whether they should make a birth plan, whether there’s any point, even because birth is so unpredictable.

So my top tip for this is yes, 100%. You need to make a birth plan.

Your voice matters. If you don’t make a birth plan, your voice, isn’t a part of your birth. You’re not having your say in what you want in birth.

So write down, firstly, in fact, figure out what your options are, what your choices are, and then write down exactly what you want, your non-negotiables and also your preferences.

You might not always get exactly what you want and that’s fine, but at least your voice is being heard. And that gives you a midwife and your care team, a really great reference point for how to care for you. And that means you’ll get much better support throughout your birth.