Bloss Family Travel: Martinhal, Portugal

First and foremost, I would like to convey the feeling we’ve come away with as a family having just returned from a ten day trip with Martinhal. That feeling is: rested - and the fact that we’ve had an ACTUAL holiday - with children. 

If you know, you know!

The end of the summer holidays and return to school, sparks many school drop off discussions with parents about what they got up to - an array of different trips from camping, to Airbnb stays, to all inclusive package getaways. A common theme from many of these travel stories, was the sense that despite me being told they had a great time - it more often than not came with a caveat; that it was hard work with the kids because of…(insert an array of reasons such as stone floors, no stair gates, thin walls, no A/C, lack of children's activities, sense of guilt for wanting to just lye and read a book and relax, having to plan all meals, little help from in laws who came along for the holiday) and the list could go on. 

As we head towards October half term and our thoughts turn to our next holiday plans, we wanted to share our thoughts on Martinhal and chat to founder and travel expert Chitra Stern about how and why Martinhal began, and why it makes the perfect family getaway.

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