I’m registered dietitian, nutritionist and mummy to 2 little girls. I specialise in baby and child nutrition and I am an expert in weaning and fussy eating.

I have a passion for nutrition I have studied it from school to postgraduate level. In particular I am passionate about the importance of building a healthy relationship with and a love of food from the start of life. Getting your little one off to a good start is so important for shaping eating habits and health later in life.

I have 15 years experience since training in the NHS from industry to a non-profit organisation to private practice. In all my roles I have provided evidence-based advice on baby and child nutrition.

I was becoming fed up of all the conflicting advice out there from bloggers to anyone who has ever weaned their baby and fed their child and I wanted to bring all my knowledge and expertise in the area to parents through simple, easy to follow, expert advice. So after having my first daughter was the perfect opportunity I did my first weaning workshop to my mummy friends, I wrote an article for NCT magazine and I set about changing all the confusion. When I fell pregnant with my second daughter Teeny Weaning was born.

I help parents and carers teach their little ones to love food and enjoy happy mealtimes. My aim is for parents to be reassured that they are giving their baby or child the best start with food. I teach the importance of building a healthy relationship with food and the importance of a positive mealtime environment too, along with the many strategies that work for little fussy eaters. I do this through one to one packages, webinars, online workshops and resources and I have lots more planned for the future.