We are constantly on the move at the moment – I think having been locked down for so long we have made the most of visiting friends, family and taking all opportunities for grandparents to take care of our small person (night off anyone?!)

We first came across Bundle Beds via a friend and they had come highly recommended – I had been curious to try one for my daughter (4yrs old) and see if it solved the usual dilemma of – where should she sleep when we are away. 


Options usually consist of:

  • Bed in another room (often meant a challenging bedtime of her telling us she’s scared in a new bed / room and one of us having to camp on the floor until she was asleep – slightly dampens the evening…plus the legitimate “will she fall out” query – which she often did…)
  • Cushions from the sofa dragged upstairs and pieced together with a sheet on top (usually these part ways in the middle of the night courtesy of a wriggling child, leaving a crevice and child waking up with their bottom stuck down the gap. In addition to this the adults have no sofa cushions for the duration of their stay)
  • Third option is drag mattress from option 1 into our bedroom. Generally heavy / won’t fit and frankly a colossal hassle) 

Bundle Bed Assembly

The bundle bed arrived and assembly was pretty straight forward. At one point I contacted owner Lucy, who was super helpful and quick to reply – as I went into full baby brain and couldn’t get my mattress to slot in the mattress sleeve. Two easily resolved errors and good to know for anyone else who is as inept at self assembly as me – un-Velcro the top sheet to make space, and make sure you fully inflate the mattress. This way it fits super snug – and ta da! It even came with a little cardboard box as part of the packaging that doubled up as a castle which my daughter loved. I personally  appreciated that all packaging for the bed, including the plastic cover, was fully recyclable. 

We opted for a “Tot to Ten” bed with bumpers (negates the falling out the side, which my child is well versed in!) This is suitable for toddlers through to age 12 so it has a huge amount of mileage in it. 

Bundle Bed Bedding

The sheets it came with are incredibly soft 100% jersey cotton. No expense has been spared here in manufacture as it would have been easy to put in cheap scratchy bedding. I LOVE this about the brand, no corners have been cut and you’re getting a great quality product. 

One thing to note is you only have one set of bedding included with purchase – but you can buy extras separately, and I’d probably recommend this as if your little one has a night time wet accident while away you’ve got back up. There is also a waterproof sheet available to add on which is a big bonus and my experience was that the bedding washed well and stayed really soft (all bedding is machine washable).

There are two colour ways, the Adventurer and the Space theme. Space was a big hit for us (coincided well with learning our planets, so lots of squeals of joy for Saturn when the duvet was unveiled.)

Bundle Bed – First Night

The first night we road tested the bed was at home which tiny person was delighted about. Our house is not the warmest at night but the 15 tog duvet was fantastically warm and I did check her late into the evening and she was toasty. This is great to know for those chillier camping trips – but equally, a summer duvet is available to purchase separately during the hotter months. 

One thing to note is my child is generally not a great sleeper, and usually gets up once or twice a night. I’ll state my disclaimer here as a bed does not guarantee a child to sleep through the night – but we were pretty chuffed to wake up in the morning having realised we got through a whole 11.5 hours with no wake ups while she was in the bundle bed. I won’t count my eggs before they’ve hatched but the second time the bed got rolled out during a sleepover with her grandmother, we had reports of the same – a full nights sleep. I’ll leave that there…but it’s worth a whirl if you’re short on shut eye! 

Four year old feedback

I asked my daughter what she liked about the bed and she told me:

“I like the planets and how many there are.”

“I like the squashy side to snuggle.” (Bumpers!)

“I want to take this to wonderland when I visit the princesses.” (She refers to Disneyland here, which seems to be advertised on a loop in our household – so looks like we’re going!)

All in all she seemed to give it a big thumbs up. 

Bundle Beds – Worth it?

This bed retails at £200, plus extras – bumpers for instance were an additional £50. This feels an investment to me – the fact that we have 8 more years use of this plus a second child will use it, means it certainly offers value for money. Something to point out too is that often European holidays will charge per additional bed in your room – the bundle bed totally negates this so if you add up those costs for holidays over 8 years +, you are certainly breaking even, if not saving. 

Mostly though – it’s the total convenience of literally rolling up a bed, and rolling back up. I’m very impressed with it and would certainly recommend to any families who are out and about regularly. The next time it will make an appearance is dinner with friends in a weeks time, when we will be putting her to bed in the evening before the stealth transfer into the car later on….sadly the bundle bed can’t help with that nail biting manoeuvre but for everything else, go wild 🙌

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