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Birth is a naturally worrying time for the dad-to-be, but often an area overlooked is what happens if the mum of your baby or partner has a caesarean. C-section advice for fathers, in addition to the information available for mums, is important. With the right knowledge and insight, you’ll be able to navigate this experience with confidence and be able to offer the best support to the mother of your child.

The Bloss C-section guide for dads

In our C-section guide for dads we cover the most important C-section advice for fathers, from what to do in the delivery room to when you can safely have sex again.

Before you go into hospital for the C-section, dads can help by making sure they know their way around mum and baby’s hospital bag. You need to know what baby’s first outfit will be and you’ll need to know your mittens from your booties. Also make sure you have the telephone numbers of everyone in your phone that your partner wants to notify, as it’ll probably be you making the calls.

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